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Tens of thousands of salons and spas worldwide know
why SuperSalon is the #1 choice in Salon Software,
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Intuitive Touch-Screen

Intuitive, Touch-Screen Salon Management

Fast check-in and check-out with just a few taps on our fully
touch-screen system eliminates bottlenecks at the register.

SuperSalon uses one screen with specialized pop-ups for selecting services and retail products or looking up guest information.

Most Flexible

Full-Service Salon Management Software

SuperSalon software offers everything you need to manage your growing salon, spa, wellness center or health club. Whether you’re an independent or part of a regional or national chain, SuperSalon’s point-of-sale software and mobile apps will help you manage every aspect of your business – from customer check-in to managing services and inventory to gathering customer feedback.


The Most Flexible Systems Available

Our powerful software is easy to learn and easy to use. By selectively enabling the features you want, you can tailor SuperSalon to meet your needs. SuperSalon helps you manage every aspect of your business from the essentials such as guest management, employee scheduling, payroll, inventory, marketing and reporting, to enterprise features for larger organizations.

Manage Your Business with IOffice

Manage Your Business with iOffice

SuperSalon’s iOffice combines comprehensive reporting with a two-way management system. Easily generate reports to tracks sales, inventory, payroll, royalties, financials, scheduling, customer retention, theft, audits and more. iOffice allows you to create schedules make changes to a salon remotely and propagate those changes to other salons immediately. iOffice is available 24×7 from your web browser.

Control Critical Communication

Control Critical Communication

iOffice lets you send messages to and from salons, one or more locations, from stylist to stylist, or to specific individuals on your staff. e-Alert sends email alerts to office staff any time a flag is encountered when business rules are broken or theft indicators are encountered.

Create Comprehensive Reporting

iOffice can generate reports for single or multiple locations with multiple report formats. Use the Custom Reports Builder to create custom exports and reports. Select different criteria to include only the data you need for exports or reports. Auto-reports can be configured for delivery to individuals or to select locations with the frequency needed.

Extra Advantages

Extra Advantages

SuperSalon’s interactive tools provide everything you need to create a positive guest experience from online check-in, to secure credit and gift-card processing and loyalty programs. Customers can check-in using our mobile app for check-in and appointments. Stay in touch with customers using text messages and email marketing campaigns. Setup and track guest visits and information using the real-Time Centralized Customer Database. Discover ways to improve your guest experience by using the RateMyVisit feedback system.

Industry Leading IT Infrastructure

Industry Leading IT Infrastructure

SuperSalon strictly adheres to industry standard ITIL guidelines and procedures for our infrastructure design, security, audits, and many other areas. Our infrastructure is configured for high availability at all levels. From our redundant network equipment, to automatic failover for each service, we secure all data behind comprehensive firewalls. Each of our servers are deployed with a vigorously secure configuration and run kernel-level firewalls, ensuring secure environments from the start. We also take great care to protect customer information, with all passwords being cryptographically stored with cutting edge industry standard security techniques. All of our SSL certificates run the latest 2048-bit encryption to provide a secure connection between your browser and our servers. With SuperSalon, you can rest assured that your business data is always available, safe, and secure.



I would 110% recommend the SuperSalon POS system to any salon owner! SuperSalon is intuitive and easy to use, yet powerful and the SuperSalon staff is incredible. Matt Rogers and his team understand our business and continually refine their product to meet our needs and the evolving needs of our industry.

We now have SuperSalon systems in all of our 90+ locations. We looked at all of our options, but found that SuperSalon was different (and better) than other salon software packages for two reasons: Design and Support.

SuperSalon was designed with the end user in mind. I would consider myself the least computer literate person in my office. I employ computer geeks and I say that with affection! The SuperSalon interface is easy to learn and as a business owner I can drill down to the important numbers with ease.

Support! We feel strongly that any technology product is only as good as the people behind it and in the case of SuperSalon, the people are amazing. Matt, Logan, Will, Jon, Jacob and the rest of the SuperSalon team are focused on solutions and when it comes to our business, they get it!

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Chris Serrano

Supercuts & Cost Cutters - 90 Salons

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you and your staff for a terrific year. We converted our stores over to Rogers 1Q this year. Our conversions went smoothly and the systems work great. If there ever is a hiccup – your staff is all over it! We run a very skinny back office operation. We really attribute our ability to do this with the infrastructure that we’ve put in place. Rogers allows us to do our daily reporting beautifully so that we can respond to our business. The nightly automated upload of data has so simplified our lives – I can’t begin to tell you!Our staff also loves the POS system and I’ve only ever heard good things about your support line when they call in with questions.We look forward to our continued partnership in 2006. We are in the process of compiling a few suggestions for enhancements for your system. We have been really excited by all your new features of late also. We really want to explore your store security module. Anyway, we wish all of you the best in 2006!

Thanks again for a terrific year!

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Chris Robins

20 Supercuts in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

…Although we haven’t tapped the full resources of SuperSalon we are glad it was the POS choice we made. Your technical support staff is the best I have ever worked with in any capacity.

Thanks so much for your help…

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Craig's Cuts

I want to thank you and your team for an outstanding performance! The BriteSmile team LOVES our new software and we are thrilled at Corporate to have had such excellent support. We achieved the impossible!! Congrats to all! With your incredible team, we made BriteSmile history and completed the SuperSalon roll out to all stores…

…Again, many thanks for your undaunted enthusiasm and support… !

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Our Fantastic Sams Region was given the charge of selecting the best salon software available in the market. My salons were used as the testing grounds for three salon software packages;

Guest Vision, Shortcuts and SuperSalon.

After over three months of extensive testing and use, SuperSalon was clearly our first choice. With an outstanding user interface, a check-in process designed the way we do business, a feature-rich back office easily accessible through the Internet from virtually anywhere and, most importantly, responsive and timely salon support, we could not go wrong selecting SuperSalon. Matt Rogers and his programmers are always open to our suggestions in finding ways to enhance and improve what is already a superior product. It is evident by their investment in their growing staff that Rogers Software will be our software partner for decades to come. I would like to thank the entire staff of Rogers Software for their incredible customer service and commitment to our salons.

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Mary Prevost

Fantastic Sams of Arizona (Sister region with San Diego & Hawaii)

SuperSalon’s inventory program is designed with the Business owner (Franchisee) in mind. It allows for inventory processes to be done at the individual salon level and to be monitored, controlled, and edited at the Back Office. The program enables our managers to make and receive accurate orders and for us to control and monitor the retail capabilities (such as stocking levels) of our system. The use of these combined processes: pricing, labeling, sales analysis, ordering efficiencies and multiple inventory modes, will guarantee higher retail sales and cost efficiencies. All transactions of incoming inventory to outgoing can be monitored and therefore controlled for the desired sales goals and cost efficiencies.

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Kitty Alaily

Owner/Operator, 40 Cost Cutters and SuperCuts salons of Northern Wisconsin

I have been a Big League Haircuts franchisee for 3 years. When our old system was phased out we studied our options; Guest Vision and SuperSalon. We chose SuperSalon. SuperSalon salon software upgraded our systems, and imported our data without a hitch. We have been very happy ever since. Our stylists love the POS system, and we love the I-Office system. We like the ease of operation and how it keeps track of our entire business. The thing we really like is our ability to manage the salons from home or laptop. When we hire new stylists many already know the system and this translates into less training.

Their support is first rate; they answer our calls and if there is a problem they get on it right away and they are always improving the system. Thanks for making my job easier!

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Don Moody

Big League Barber Franchisee Florida - 3 Stores

Switching to the SuperSalon salon software has given me access to data I never had before. I am able to see how my stores are doing from any computer with Internet access. At the stores, the stylists love the POS systembecause it is VERY easy to use and gives them quick, easy access to information about their sales performance. Software support is wonderful. If any of the stores have an issue or question, one toll-free call connects them to someone who can and will fix any problems or answer any user questions. I plan to implement the software in all of my existing stores, plus the new ones I am building!!

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Craig Shinn

8 Tennessee Supercuts

I came from a very high technology background in non-stop computer and communications systems prior to entering the world of hair care. After purchasing three salons, a ‘simple cash business’, I realized that you do need accurate and reliable data to help manage and grow the business.

I spent more than two months reviewing many different salon POS systems. And after reviewing SuperSalon, all other packages were immediately removed from my systems. There was NO comparison!

SuperSalon provided all of the features, ease-of-use, and system reliability that I was looking for to help manage my salons. SuperSalon is clearly several generations ahead of its competitors in features, user friendliness, and presenting valuable management data in useable formats. I am now recommending SuperSalon to all other Salon owners, Franchised or not

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David Yoches

800-456-1550 Star Clip Salon Owner and Franchise Consultant Mesa, Az

Your [Supersalon] system is light-years ahead of the other systems we have seen. The internet back-office is an incredible tool. We did not know what we were missing! Your excellent customer service and your willingness to add features for our specific needs is also very much appreciated. I highly recommend your POS system to other owners.

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Daniel Brackett

4 Fantastic Sams Franchisee Atlanta, Ga

I absolutely love the new POS system. The detailed reports and the ability to access the data from any location with a phone line is fantastic. I whole heartedly support this new system.

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Don Cox

Supercuts Franchisee

We are pleased with the Rogers POS system thus far and have decided to continue to place your systems in our new stores and convert existing stores…

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Epoch, Supercuts

80 Cost Cutters / Supercuts / Procuts

We are a Fantastic Sams Franchisee. We were unhappy with the new computer system approved by corporate. We found SuperSalon, tested it and decided it was what we wanted. We had to overcome the fact that this system was not initially approved by corporate. We found the POS system to be very friendly. Anytime a question comes up we just call the support guys and they resolve it. They are always open to ideas and quickly add custom features if needed. A great feature of this system is how fast you can teach a new employee to use it. Another great feature is the Internet Back Office. Once you use it, you will be sold on the entire system. Reports are easy to get at the salon or any other computer with Internet access. Thanks Matt, Dan and Will!

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Las Vegas Fantastic Sams

Please accept this note to compliment you on your team. James and Justin surpassed all expectations through their dedication to make everything work for the team in Toronto. From 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Monday to Friday, they not only looked for solutions to our needs but also embraced the challenge of training a team who has followed the same steps for 20+ years. Their different personalities and skills were the perfect match for the task. Their positive input left everyone very confident for the future development of the program.

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Pascal Boden

Vidal Sassoon

Thanks for the great service. I wish that we had run into you guys about five years earlier!

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Thomas M. Hunter

Fantastic Sams Regional Owner - Seattle Washington